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Reef Life Cozumel

First-class Diving with Cozumel Pros

Unique Corals

Be ready to be awed by the mountainous coral formations and lengthy swim-throughs; Cozumel has a magical underwater world!

Abundant Marine Life

Reef sharks, turtles, and eagle rays, oh my! There is an abundance of marine life large and small waiting for you to come and play.

Protected Marine Park

Cozumel's Protected Marine Park stretches from down all the way down around Punta Sur. Here underwater life flourishes and thrives.

Small Private Boats

Do you detest bumping and banging around on larger dive boats? Yeah, we do as well. Our boats are small, fast, and familiar.

Custom Excursions

Reef Life specializes in custom dive excursions that maximize your dive experience. We dive where YOU WANT to dive and maximize bottom time with computer diving.

Delicious Food

Want a little bit more than fruit and water for lunch? You got it! Let us prepare you some delicious food for your interval time.
Reef Life Cozumel
Fun things for tourists to do in Cozumel, Mexico
Reef Life Cozumel
Reef Life Cozumel

2 Tank Boat Dive

2 Tanks, Marine Park fee, Weight belt and weights, lunch and purified water *


1 Tank Shore Dive

2 Tanks, Marine Park fee, Weight belt and weights, lunch and purified water *


Night Dives

2 Tanks, Marine Park fee, Weight belt and weights, lunch and purified water *

$65 / $99

Specialty Dives

2 Tanks, Marine Park fee, Weight belt and weights, lunch and purified water *


Cozumel, Mexico Amazing Underwater World
Reef Life Cozumel Scuba Diving
Fun things for tourists to do in Cozumel, Mexico
Reef Life Cozumel

Why scuba diving in Cozumel is AMAZING.

Boat Dives

Between the unique corals and abundant marine life in the protected marine park, Cozumel is a first-class dive destination with something to offer divers of all abilities and experience, some of which includes drift dives, captivating wall dives, thrilling swim-throughs, and specialties such as Punta Sur, Maracaibo, and Devil’s Throat.

Reef Life specializes in custom dive excursions that maximize your dive experience.  We run small, private boats arranged according to diver’s abilities, we dive where YOU WANT to dive, we maximize bottom time with computer diving, and we have more for lunch than fruit and water.  Why settle for a huge dive charter when you can dive comfortably on custom trip with Reef Life Cozumel?

Shore Dives

Shore dives are great for those that want to gain more experience or to get their sea legs back.  If you have been out of the water for a while, you will want to do a refresher or a scuba tune-up but if it has not been too long then a shore dive might be perfect for you.

The shore dives in Cozumel are also outstanding; you have the opportunity to see other things that you most likely would not from the boat – such as sea horses, nudibranchs, and flamingo tongues – all the while enjoying the 120ft + visibility and extended bottom time.

Shore dives also provide you with the opportunity to refine your underwater photography skills!  If you are interested in learning more about how your camera works – whether it is DSLR or a GoPro – chances are we have the underwater photography course for you.

Specialty Dives / Extras

Are you an advanced diver seeking something a bit off the beaten path?  Then maybe Punta Sur, Maracaibo, Barracuda, Cathedral, or Devil’s throat will provide that outstanding one-of-a-kind dive experience that you are seeking.

And at Reef Life, we value experience and ability highest.  If you have always wanted to dive these advanced sites but have either not had the opportunity or have been told you don’t have the credentials, now is your chance.  We will take you to these sites so long as we have had a chance to dive with you first to see that you are confident and capable.

Night Dives

The night dive offers you an entire different array of scenery, and a new cast of under water creatures that will grace your dive.  You can expect to see eels, lobsters, crabs and even octopus, depending on the night and depending on the dive.

Additionally, night dives allow you to witness the nocturnal bioluminescence which makes the night time ocean glow and sparkle, each corner and crevice resplendent with Caribbean color. The colors at night are more true to the human eye, and the corals bloom, absorbing nutrients from the water around it – the party really starts when all the lights go out!

This 2 tank boat trip allows you to experience both a dusk dive trip and a night time dive trip.  Your first dive will start before sunset and then you will surface as the sun starts to go down.  Then after the surface interval and sunset, you will go down for your second dive.

Cozumel, Mexico Fun Tourist Activities
Reef Life Cozumel
Reef Life Cozumel Tourist Activities
Fun tourist activities in Cozumel, Mexico

Certifications and Courses


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