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Reef Life Cozumel
Reef Life Cozumel offers the best in Scuba Diving
Scuba Instructor and Underwater Photographer
The Reef Life Way

More About Us:

Reef Life Cozumel is a family business created by a Scuba Instructor and Photographer – Pancho and Lorena – both of whom feel very fortunate to be able to share their passions with the world on a daily basis.

When they are not in the ocean, they are usually very nearby on the beach with their two boys, Marcelo and Yael, taking in the Caribbean weather, playing, or passing the time rolling around in the sand.

Local Contact: +52 1 987 117 2842
International: +44 987 117 2842
Reef Life Cozumel

Francisco Mariscal – “Pancho” – has been diving and surfing for more than 20 years, a good portion of which has been in Cozumel; there is not a dive on the Island that he is not familiar with.  Before Cozumel, Pancho lived in Puerto Escondido and surfed the “Mexican Pipeline” regularly and worked at the local dive shop.  He is a Padi certified instructor, and has been teaching people to dive for more than 15 years.

Caribbean photographer for hire

It wasn’t until Lorena arrived in Cozumel and saw a camera and dive housing that she knew exactly what she wanted to do for her career.  Without even having scuba certification, she was determined to get under and capture Cozumel’s underwater world.  Many years later, she loves to hand down her love of ocean photography by teaching others how to discover how magical the camera really is.

I won't ever dive with anyone else in Cozumel! Pancho is so great about finding the best dives and going at our pace. It is way better to have a personalized diving experience instead of being crammed on a huge dive boat. Thank you, Pancho!

Eve CrawfordScuba Diver

Reef Life Cozumel provides the best dive experiences in Cozumel! We brought our family down for the holidays and dove. Pancho and Lorena were amazing. We had some delicious treats on the boat in between dives and saw turtles, sharks, and rays! What an amazing adventure. We will for sure be back.

Aura BrooksScuba Diver

We absolutely love diving with Pancho. He is the best. Super knowledgeable - he knows the island and dive sites like the back of his hand. He also is really great about making everyone feel comfortable on the boat, and he is hilarious. Ask him to tell you a joke or 5. You won't be disappointed.

Zack ReidScuba Diver

Over the years we have done just about everything with Pancho. Surfing, fishing, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. You really can't go wrong with any adventure. Lorena's photography is amazing too. We recommend going with Reef Life Cozumel for any of your Cozumel adventures.

Jack GrahamFishing, Surfing, and More